Infotrails (Cityspace #213)

June 2013. 9" x 12"; Gouache, Ink Wash, Pen.

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  1. oops, didn’t get the whole thing, you should delete the previous one, please:

    Bascehnse is situated at the confluence of four rivers, the
    Sovoro, to the North, the Easpil, to the west, the Cuhurgna,
    to the south, and the Pahalame, to the Bevoropeo, to the east.

    At their confluence is the Island of the Plosive Onion, and
    the administrative/cultural center — which is tiny
    as the Bascehnse are good with technology, and Yalaquai
    University, on the northeast part of the island.

    Bascehnse is an Independent Polity in the nation of
    Tisgrove, and Tisgrove has learned — with great grumbling
    — to leave it alone.

    Here are descriptions of some members of this city’s

    Earennhé Cozzuel: a thirologist specializing in the
    treatment of sighings, lives on the shores of the
    Cuhurgna in a two story apartment. She is of Sunspinner
    stock: her grandparents migrated to Bascehnse from the
    Iridy Archipelago. She has a pet spiral cat named
    Arvary. She is vacillating about whether she is happy
    with her life at the moment. Her younger brother,
    Mortadel and his spouse, Uly, just had their second child.
    On the other hand, her thirology practice is booming and
    their is a standing invitation to join the faculty of
    Yalaquai University, though she is skeptical of that offer
    because it is known to both her and her fellow thirologists
    that their is a great deal of academic dishonesty and
    cronyism in the department, and the three heads of the
    department, Moun Scotolo, Palambaka Mienzhei, and
    Thuehuec Niva are more than trivially bigoted
    against Sunspinners. Their practice is arrogantly
    prejudicial against some of the major Sunspinner
    developments in thirology: the invitation was from
    a minor professor, Skai Ardotoe, who, if Earennhé’s
    facility for interpreting gossip is accurate, is not
    very adept at picking up, being from a very disparate
    school of thirology, and perhaps being a little socially

    Scurnus Quilvaraharro is a fisherweirdo who spends his days
    catching Belzonkian Crazyfish on the shores of the Pahalame.
    The Belzonkian Crazyfish has evolved for a very long time
    in concert with fishers, and as a consequence has developed
    a rather nontrivial fishing-avoidance strategy: it acts
    as incomprehensibly as possible to classical fishing
    strategies and fishers. The fisherweirdos have coevolved
    (to an extent) with the Belzonkian Crazyfish, and have likewise
    developed somewhat absurd fishing techniques to catch this fish,
    such as: putting donuts in the water, playing arias
    backwards on violins, eating pickles at the water, singing
    ditties to strange beings with negative numbers of brains,
    juggling robotic ducks, and so on and so froth. He catches
    on average a third of a fish a day, and about a week to
    catch the right three wavefunctions of a fish to actually
    constitute one classical fish — one of the strategies of
    the Belzonkian crazy fish is to manage to make its population
    somewhat quantum mechanical in character.

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