Sepia Lines (Cityspace #221)

April 2014. 6" x 8"; Pen, Watercolor.

1 thought on “Sepia Lines (Cityspace #221)

  1. Bisjthelbe-Mansevreon is the largest conurbation west of the Taychinero River on the continent of Foltinthe on Sochilno, fourth orb from the lightcandle Farsanir in the Hausmiri galaxy sub-torsent to the Gatiss-Arcsinero frond of the Laniakea supercluster. The urban layout of Bisjthelbe-Mansevreon has had a complicated history: maybe twenty five thousand star cycles ago the great metropolis of Mansevreon with its massive metal latticework in which homes and transport mechanisms were constructed lied above the Sulchiurra river. Mansevreon was abandoned some ten thousand star-cycles ago, and as a result from a fairly complicated sequences of quakes and avalanches the remains of the city were buried. The Orsvook people carried Crimsonghost grass seeds they’d been carrying for twelve thousand star cycles in search of a more permanent home, and when they came to the remains of Mansevreon they discovered that those seeds took a liking to the land, probably fond of the many metals leeched from the metal lattice of Mansevreon. Crimsonghost grass varies from disturbingly white — if there’s no iridium content in the soil, to deep shades of red, brown and crimson, if the iridum content is nonzero. Where the Sulchiurra river was, the iridium has leeched away — the flow of water which was the Sulchiurra still abides in the flow of the water table.

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