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  1. The palatial metropolis of Oisaleit consists of four administrative regions, each hemmed in by the Donneque and Lalliry rivers. To the north, Zahut, to the west, Tharaquay, to the east, Pelenctopolis, and to the south Rhienhiers.

    The Bridges of Oisaleit were constructed around four hundred spans ago at once (in the span of five or six weeks), and the city’s populace is not eager to build new bridges, primarily since the Old Poem which children learn early in their schooling names them all:

    Upper swanfire, Lalliry east, encounter’d Hohemne, solemn, parlay
    west find Thosyfery sneaky-snack chew on celery
    Then Linchcotter, sway by Tuningforkroot with its potato sellers,
    Then nimble gray painted Basmeligt, haunt of the syllablewrights,
    Trailing Lalliry West, lethargic Mnemniphon, haunt of the somniwrights.

    Lower turtleplasma, Donneque bloom’d into Wraith Pond, embridged
    by Yinhat, then the Sullen Charcoal Inlet, by Aurmeghe, and on the
    Donneque east, Wencegrain’s Folly.

    Clockwise yonder Impermanence Isle, round the fork of the Tuning Fork,
    Ashfin, Dustbeak, Cheeseclaw, and Sandnose.

    (the Old Poem was translated from Asfiyan — I have made no attempt at artistically rerendering the phonemic content in English)

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