Art seen recently

Some artwork and installations that have been inspiring me:

01 industry lab

Industry Lab art installation

02 sowa barbara moody kingston

Barbara Moody installation at Kingston Gallery in SoWa

04 arthur ganson

Arthur Ganson at the MIT Museum

I’ve also done a bit of museuming recently—I went to the Art Institute twice when we were in Chicago and visited the Museum of Art and Design in New York. Here’s some pieces I saw that inspired me:

AI-giovanni di paolo

Giovanni di Paolo. I like the super geometric fields and the flat perspective. I wasn’t expecting to be inspired by 15th century religious paintings but this little corner was interesting.

AI-robert delaunay

Robert Delaunay at the Art Institute. I think I take a photo of this piece (“Champs du Mars”) every time I go.

AI-frank lloyd wright

Frank Lloyd Wright at the Art Institute

AI-charles sheeler

Charles Sheeler at the Art Institute


Miriam Ellner at the Museum of Arts and Design. The screen had this magic thing where although it was totally opaque, because some parts were mirrored it looked deceptively like it was semi-translucent. We spent a while in that room and I couldn’t stop thinking I could see through it.