CSArt Project Progress

I’m back from my summer travel and finishing up my CSArt project! The project is to complete 50 artworks in a series, to be individually packaged and distributed in “shares” with artworks from the 9 other participating artists. The format is based on Community Supported Agriculture, but for art!


My project is a set of 50 ink/watercolor and pen maps, all individually made but with the same principles of design. It’s a style I haven’t been using in a while (see this and this for the kind I used to draw) and it’s been fun to explore what works and what doesn’t. The drawings are also all linked; the roads leading off the first drawing connect onto the beginning of the next drawing, and so on.

04 layout crop

Each share will have one numbered drawing, but collectors will be able to visit my site to see their drawing and where it fits in the line of linked drawings. I can’t wait to see what they look like all together :)

Shares are available for purchase through the CCAE website: ccae.org/csart

03 detail

Also, stay tuned for the next blog post: photos from my trip to ICELAND!