Art Seen: Clio Art Fair

I got to attend Clio Art Fair in midtown Manhattan last weekend (particularly to support my friend Regina Valuzzi, who was showing), and the variety of work there was impressive. Some of my favorites:

Rachel Goldsmith

The first art I noticed when I came in was Rachel’s, because she was “live painting” with a handheld 3D extruder onto canvas. The effect immediately reminded me of textiles, and also of Maggie Lowe Tennesen‘s paintings on panel. Because the plastic “stroke” will be thinner in the middle and thicker towards the edge, it also reminds me of how watercolor pools at the edges while it dries, and that effect makes it look more organic than the plastic material it’s made from.

Christina Hewson

I really liked the execution of Christina’s enormous flamingo paintings. I got to chat with her later in the event and learn more about her process, which was fascinating.

Yumiko Hirokawa

Her work was made over images of the Women’s March in DC, with the background covered in silver foil and the pink hats highlighted. I particularly liked this piece with the flags called out–and was glad see the red dot it gained by the end of the show!

Linda Lasson

These were probably my favorite works in the exhibition. I love the sparse materials (it’s actually subtly dimensional embroidery) and the abstraction in the content.