“Site-specific” series

Around winter 2018 I began experimenting with a new process for framed artworks. Rather than create an artwork and then find a frame for it, I became interested in creating works to fill particular frames. The series is called “Site-specific” from the idea of creating installation art to fit an environment

Two site-specific drawings

I make each drawing by first looking at the “site” frame and considering which of the processes I’ve honed over the years would suit its particular design. Some have intriguing patterns of wear, or might suggest more “heavy” linework.

The series allows me to focus more on physicality and creating a sense of place within the image, while still producing a framed piece. 

All available works in the “Site-specific” series are listed on my Etsy store under Original Artwork.

Three site-specific drawings
The first series of “Site-specific” artworks, two of which have sold at the time of this post.
Untitled (Site-specific series #6)
Untitled (Site-specific series #7)