Modular Map Installation – Nighttime Display

We finally installed the modular map project yesterday afternoon, and it’s now on display for anyone who walks through Davis. It looked very minimal in the daylight, almost easy to miss, but at night the paper construction gets a little more interesting. Here’s some photos from last night: The installation will be on view only […]

Modular Map Installation – Progress

The display windows of the Davis Square CVS, which are prominently visible in the middle of the square, often house works by local artists or exhibitions relating to current events in the neighborhood. This month they will have a combination of both — an installation I’m putting together reflecting this year’s ArtBeat theme, “Migration”. I’m […]

Paper Teapots: Map and Pop-up

I’ve been very busy at the gallery lately getting everything ready for the teapot exhibition that just opened. Artists working in all different media submitted teapot sculptures both functional and conceptual. Unfortunately, and sort of ironically, I was too busy with the administrative end to have much time for my own teapots, but I made […]